Size - 18" x 24"
Media - Acrylic on black paper

Project - "The Crossroads of Style"

Again, brush strokes. The hair demonstrates how versatile a tool a brush can be. All these lines of different weights and shapes are made by one round medium-size brush with a fine tip. They are created by twisting the brush in various directions and applying different amount of pressure. The neon colored jewelry against the black background was my attempt to replicates fireworks in the night sky.

The idea behind this painting is to:
1). Present the beauty of an African woman's body form.
2). Transform the festival custome of African nomadic men into a glamorous modern woman evening gown

Reproductions available in the following formats: 13" x 19" Limited Edition Print, 8" x 10" Canvas


Edition Quantity - 250
Print Size - 13" x 19" (image size 10.4" x 14.3")
Item Number - P1112

This archival print is printed on professional premium glossy photo paper with archival ink. Hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

8" x 10" CANVAS

Print Size - 6" x 8"
Item Number - F1112

Artwork copy right © 2016 Susie Yang