2 Forks Design is a Vancouver based design studio owned by Susie Yang and Mike Veldboer.


Susie Yang received her formal art training in San Francisco, California. She has a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) degree in Illustration for Fashion. She has worked with designers from Levi Strauss & Co on fashion projects, including design presentations and print designs on fabric. Her illustrations were also featured on the Dockers brand of golf polo shirts. Her paintings have been on display in galleries and boutiques in San Francisco, Ontario, Vancouver BC, and Belgium. In the last twelve years, she has been working as a creative director in digital art. She plans to go back to her previous passion and devote her time to drawing and painting.


I have always felt that fashion illustrations are not just pictorial record of costumes. They are images of symbolic expressions, and therefore do not necessarily abide with the day-to-day customs and conditions of daily life. There are no restrictions on how accurate or how realistic an artist should draw from what he/she sees. It is what the artist senses that he/she creates on the surface.

What I try to achieve in fashion illustration is to bring out the exoticism hidden in every human being to manifest our romance with fashion. For me, the beauty of a human being is not merely the body form; it is also feelings like passion, obsession, sensation and sensitivity.