2 Forks Design Etsy Shop Open

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Several paintings/illustrations on this site now have a direct link to my Etsy shop for people interested in owning a piece of my work. To think that people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on something I create is a thrilling thought. Perhaps now I finally understand what “I’m honoured” means. Martha Paxton (in […]


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I added some pictures showing how the 13″ x 19″ reproductions are signed and numbered. So far there are only a few but more will be added in the next couple of days.

Photos Added

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Photos of the natural color greeting cards are added to each page under ILLUSTRATION. Black cards will be posted soon. These cards will be available for purchase through 2forksdesign.etsy.com


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Site is finally up and running. It was nearly midnight when it went live otherwise we could have celebrated. Well, I did celebrate, by having a sleepless night.

Masculinity, Femininity

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While uploading my graphic design portfolio, I realized that my style in graphic has been increasingly masculine over the years. It has a harshness to it that’s hard to explain. I hope I can credit it to the fact that I’ve been working almost exclusively in the telescope industry, where the predominant audience is male. […]

Illustration with a fashion flare

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I added several of my fashion illustrations to the portfolio. In fact, I’d rather my paintings to be seen as illustrations with a fashion flare. It is more important for me to present a good piece of art than a nice fashion invention

My Motto

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“It’s just a game, but you play it. Oh you play it!”   Sometimes obsessiveness has a beauty to it.

The beginning

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Making a portfolio website requires more courage than skill. Once it is exposed to the public eye there is no fooling myself